OSA Vision

Through this initiative, a diverse coalition of agricultural, environmental and food security leaders are building a 21st century strategy and action plan to help Ohio agriculture become more sustainable and relevant in addressing 21st century challenges. Using a holistic and integrated approach to land management, the project leaders will identify, build and incubate platforms that support the sustainable production of food, feed, fiber, energy and ecosystem services and the delivery of these goods and services up the food chain all the way to the urban core.

While previous initiatives have been valuable planning exercises designed to “increase production of farms”, this initiative builds on that work and includes “getting food on tables”. In embracing the vision of Ohio agriculture helping to “feed the world”, we recognize that this starts with feeding our neighbors in Ohio.

Desired Outcomes

  • Sustainably intensify productivity and profitability;

  • Adapt to changing weather patterns and climatic conditions;

  • Improve the efficiency – both economic and ecological – of farm operations creating a vibrant ag economy in Ohio;

  • Increase the diversity of products produced and the diversity of producers;

  • Extend that diversity across the region’s food value chain to transition agricultural landscapes into sustainable production platforms for producing nutrient rich food, improving public health, creating new economic opportunities for those who live below the poverty level, and by doing so improving the lives of vulnerable children.

  • Ensure that Ohio agriculture contributes to a future of food secure and healthy Ohioans;

  • Produce more local fresh edible food;

  • Expand the industry of robust, value-added processing that supports workers and provides them with growing livable wages.


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